Life Fitness Platinum Club Series Treadmill Review

Life Fitness Platinum Club Series Treadmill Review

The Life Fitness Platinum Club Series Treadmill offers luxury treadmills for home gyms. It’s designed to look great in any environment. There are four options and three console options. It features a 60 inch track with an incline, a motor of 4.0 HP and lots of programming. Additional features include a Bluetooth connection and a 21.5″ touchscreen TV.
Although the Platinum Club Series Treadmill may be expensive, it is made from top-quality components. The purchase comes with a lifetime warranty. Standard warranty covers 10 years parts protection, 1 year labor and a lifetime frame warranty.


Star Rating: 4.6-stars
Motor: 4 HP
Incline: 0 – 15%
Running Area: 22″ x 60″
Folding: No
Top Speed: 12 MPH
Weight Capacity: 400 LBS
Dimensions: 80″ L x 37″ W x 64″ H
Built-In Programs: 42

What we Like:

Track: Built for comfort and durability, the Platinum Club Series Treadmill deck and track are made from high-quality materials. The Flex-Deck has eight shock absorbers and can reduce impact by nearly 30% compared to outdoor running. For durability and ease of use, the track is sealed with 3.5″ rollers. It does not need waxing.

Customized Frame: Very few treadmill brands offer the option of choosing a frame color. Life Fitness customers can choose from Arctic Silver (Black Onyx), Diamond White (a dark grey) and Titanium Storm(a dark gray). The frame is made of welded steel and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Incline: You can tilt the Platinum Club Series Treadmill by as much as 15% in increments of 5%.

Motor: This 4.0 HP motor can support interval training and long runs. It can run at peak speed up to 8 HP, while remaining quiet. The treadmill can reach 12 mph at its fastest speed.

Durable Rollers: The 3.5″ rollers are sealed for increased durability and don’t require waxing.

Console Entertainment and Exercises: There are three premium console displays that can be used with Bluetooth to keep runners motivated and entertained. The Explore Console is the simplest and most expensive console. It has a QuickNav dial, a 7-inch screen, and a 7-inch display. The entertainment-enhanced Discover SE and SI Tablet Consoles have limitless user profiles and provide larger touchscreen access to TV, the Internet, fitness apps and interactive workout courses. You can also save your favorites in the quick-access center. You can choose from classics like Rolling Hills and Hill, as well as multiple fitness tests, calorie burn workouts and distance goals workouts.

FlexDeck Absorption System: This state-of the-art cushioning system reduces impact on joints and lowers injury risk.

Extras: For a club treadmill feel, a reading rack, accessory tray, and two water bottle holders can be added.

Safety Features: Siderails have been added for your safety. You can use this treadmill with a lanyard to make emergency stops.

Device Compatibility: Most smart devices work with software version 2.19 and later.

Heart monitors: Wireless monitoring, contact heart rate monitoring and four heart beat workouts are all included.

Warranty package: The standard warranty covers frame lifelong, labor for one year and parts for 10 years. Extended warranties are available for an additional $299. A preventive belt check message will be displayed at 30,000 miles.

What we don’t like:

Prices: The MSRP for the Platinum Club Series is $8,999. This is the most expensive treadmill we reviewed.

Shipping and Assembly: Shipping For Life Fitness treadmills can take up to three weeks. White Glove delivery is recommended, and includes assembly.

Size: This treadmill measures 80 inches in length and weighs almost 450 pounds. It cannot be folded like other treadmills to save space.

Step Up Height: While the step-up height is uncomfortable for some runners, it’s not for all.

Lacking Some Extras: We’d love to see some extras in the Platinum Club Series.

Restrictive return policy: Life Fitness generally restricts returns. They will accept returns within 15 days if the product is damaged in transit. Life Fitness will make the final decision.

Customer Support: Although you have a chat option, do not be surprised to receive a reply saying that they are currently unavailable. Usually, you’ll be forwarded to their email.

Our Verdict:

It is a dream machine and a very expensive one. The Lifestyle Fitness Platinum Club Series treadmill is beautiful and makes your home gym feel like a fancy fitness club. Platinum Club consoles offer a great combination of entertainment and workout support, which helps to justify their high price. This treadmill is highly recommended by luxury buyers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a subcription requirement to use programs on the life fitness platinum club series treadmill?

– To enjoy instructor-led classes with the Life Fitness On Demand feature on the SE3 HD console, you don’t have to subscribe. You only need to connect your treadmill to your WiFi network and activate the Life Fitness On Demand library.

What console options are available for the life fitness platinum club series treadmill?

– Life Fitness currently offers the SE3 HD console only for the Platinum Series treadmill.

Is the life fitness platinum club series treadmill easy to assemble?

– The instructions are very clear and explain the steps in an easy to understand manner. There is information to help you if you get lost.

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