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5 Best Exercise Ball – Right Choices for Great Effectiveness

What is the top-rated pick when it comes to the best exercise ball? Expensive options cannot meet all your needs sometimes. So, the right choice will bring the great effectiveness.Β 


Exercise balls or Swiss balls – they are more helpful than the way some people have thought. In a home gym setup, this piece can work to improve your core strength, your body balance as well as stability.

With the purpose of getting those benefits, it always requires to prepare the best exercise ball for your training. And after days of market research, we appreciate several options outweighing the mass.

A comparison to find out the best exercise ball

For those who love to do workouts with exercise balls, the following list includes 5 most ideal choices.

1. Trideer Yoga Ball

Trideer brand introduces this workout ball with 6 color options available for 5 different sizes from 38 to 85cm. As for thickness, the ball is 2000 micrometers thick. Especially, it can support the maximum weight up to 2200 lbs.

When it comes to the material, the Trideer ball is from non-toxic PVC. The high-quality material can surely provide more resilience and bouncy movement for your exercise.

Plus, a foot pump is an indispensable part of the product set. It enables you to inflate the ball quickly with an ease of use. And in case there is any air leakage detected when you check the ball from the shipping box, a 30-day return policy is always ready.

Trideer Yoga BallΒ 

Trideer Yoga Ball

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  • Various sizes and colors
  • High weight limit
  • Premium material
  • A foot pump included
  • Super thickness


  • Chemical smell

2. URBNFit Exercise Ball

Unlike the Trideer, URBNFit also makes their ball with 5 standard sizes and a wide range of colors. This anti-burst PVC ball can support up to 600 lbs. and withstand amazingly 2000 lbs. of pressure.

On the ball surface, it is the horizontal texture to protect the practitioner from slipping during exercise. In addition, the brand also offers resistance bands and ball stands sold separately to enhance the training effectiveness.

Another thing available with this ball is a hand pump and two air plugs.

URBNFit Exercise BallΒ 

URBNFit Exercise Ball

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  • Various sizes and colors
  • High weight limit
  • Premium material
  • Non-slip surface


  • A less convenient hand pump

3. BalanceFrom Exercise Ball

Another example for the best balancing balls is the BalanceFrom one. To meet requirements of partitioners with different body sizes, the brand offers their ball with 5 sizes ranging from 38cm to 85cm.

The composite material brings the ball an anti-burst construction which can support up to 2000 lbs. Also, there is the horizontal texture as the external design which prevents slipping effectively.

Plus, the ball is quite easy to clean as well. When it gets dirt, you only need to use a soft damp cloth.

BalanceFrom Exercise BallΒ 

BalanceFrom Exercise Ball

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  • Various sizes and colors
  • High weight limit
  • Anti-slip surface
  • An ease of cleaning


  • Lower durability than PVC material

4. AILUKI Yoga Ball

AILUKI 65 cm exercise balls often come in a set. It includes a ball, a removable base, a foot pump, resistance bands, a jump rope, air plugs, and a massage ball. With more than one accessory for every package, the AILUKI really brings an amazingly economic option.

In terms of the ball, it is from the non-toxic PVC and 100% BPA free. Thanks to both anti-burst construction and anti-slip outer surface, the AILUKI can resist up to 2200 lbs.

Besides using the ball to improve your balance and stability, the set offers things like resistance bands for core muscle development. Plus, the massage ball going along with the exercise ball becomes a good way for release body pain.

AILUKI Yoga Ball

AILUKI Yoga Ball

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  • Economic option
  • Durable material
  • Anti-burst and anti-slip design
  • Versatility
  • High weight limit


  • Only one size

5. Gaiam Balance Ball

It is such a 2-in-1 product that not only works as a desk chair, but also offers you an effective workout ball.

A ball along with a base is truly the revolutionary idea for the desk chair. Instead of placing the ball on the floor and sitting on it, now, you have a chair-like base to keep the ball in place. Additionally, there are three casters attached for a better ease of movement.

When it comes to the ball separately, the size measures 52cm along with the weight limit up to 300 lbs. After a long-term use, it is possible to take a replacement with a new ball if the original one has problems.

Gaiam Balance Ball

Gaiam Balance Ball

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  • Convenience
  • Versatility
  • An ease of setting up
  • Caster for easy movement


  • Lower weight limit

Buying guide – What is the best exercise ball to get?

When choosing yoga balls, it is so important to focus on things such as sizes, materials, and return policy. For better consideration, let’s learn in detail about each of them.


According to fitness experts, the ball size should be proportional to your height based on the rule of thumb. It means that you must make an angle of 90 degree between your thigh and leg when sitting on the ball. In other words, your thigh stays parallel to the floor. At the same time, your spine is straight and your knees are not higher than your hips.

The following is a detailed guide.

  • A 45 ball if you are under 5” high.
  • A 55 ball if you are between 5’ and 5.5” high.
  • A 65 ball if you are between 5.6’ and 6.2” high.
  • A 75 ball if you are over 6.2” high.


The anti-burst material is a key letting we know whether the ball is safe to use or not. With this element, the ball tends to deflate slowly over the long-term use instead of popping suddenly and cause your injuries.

Pliable materials like PVC plastic are always the best choices. They not only bring the high resilience, but also provide more bouncy movements for your exercise.

Weight limits

An exerciseball with good materials is not enough. The weight limit at which that ball can support shows the same importance, too. Your ball may not offer the highest weight limit, but it must get the rating of 1000 lbs. at least.

Besides, this consideration depends on how you do workouts with the ball. If you need to sit on the ball only, the static weight limit is what to check. By contrast, your exercise requires some bouncing and movement, the dynamic weight limit becomes the most decisive point.


A textured ball always performs better than the smoother one. Firstly, the smooth surface can never keep the ball still during your use. Secondly, the combination of the ball smooth surface and your sweat probably causes you to fall from the ball.

Thus, another thing to bear in mind is to choose balls with the right texture. And you should not exercise on the wooden/vinyl flooring to avoid slippery.

Return policy

Common issues found with swiss balls often relate wrong sizes, air leaking hole to name but a few. Hence, you had better make sure that the return policy works for your, especially in case of online shopping.


What is the best exercise ball size to use as desk chair?

Replacing a desk chair with an exercise ball comes to the town as the new ergonomic trend recently. Many office staff believe that this replacement somehow can improve their body health during a long day at work.

An industry-standard desk is normally 30 inches high while the ball size when you are sitting on should be 26 inches. Due to deflation in use, it will be better if the ball is 4 inches taller (30 inches in total).


Among Swiss balls mentioned above, each has both advantages and disadvantages. Some of them come with the perfect versatility while the others offer better quality.

But if we have to choose the best exercise ball, the one from Trideer will be surely the first pick. It is superior to other counterparts due to various sizes, premium material, exceptional thickness, and protective texture.

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