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5 Best Pull Up Bar For 5 Installation Styles

High weight support, simple installation, space efficiency, and comfortable grip are basic factors to consider the best pull up bar. And here is our market researching result.Β 


Is there anything that gets close to workouts for the fitness goals at home? YES, and the answer should be pullups. By mean of preparing good equipment, you can surely boost your training up to higher levels and avoid injuries as much as possible.

For a better help, we pick a list of optimal in-home pull up bars for those who are seeking the best pull up bar.

Now, it is time to get started.

Reviews of 5 Best Pull Up Bar

From 1 to 5 among the pull up bar reviews below, which should be your best choice?

1, ProsourceFit Pull Up Bar – Best for Leverage Mounted Style

Next, our reviews of the best pull up bar for apartment will keep going with the one by ProsourceFit. The bar measures 16 x 41.25 x 9 inches for length, width, height, and weighs 8.7 lbs.

ProsourceFit Pull Up Bar – Best for Leverage Mounted Style

ProsourceFit Pull Up Bar – Best for Leverage Mounted Style

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As an option for the leverage-mounted installation style, the bar comes with a more secured structure made by steel. Thanks to the high durable and sturdy frame, this bar can support the max weight up to 300 lbs.

The pull up bar offers 12 comfortable foam grips along with various handles. Hence, there are a wide range of exercises that you can try with the ProsourceFit bar.

Due to length adjustability, the bar allows some adjustment so that it can fit perfectly doorways measuring from 24 inches to 36 inches. Not only that, there are a couple of optional handle foam covers for the doorframe protection.


  • Durability
  • Length adjustability
  • Doorframe protection
  • Multiple comfortable grips
  • Portability for pullups on the ground


  • Limited space for workout movement

2, JFIT Pull Up Bar – Best for Doorway Style

When it comes to the best pull up bar for doorway, we love to introduce the JFIT pull up bar. In the shape of a long telescopic bar, it is surely the simplest pull up bar ever.

JFIT Pull Up Bar – Best for Doorway Style

JFIT Pull Up Bar – Best for Doorway Style

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The adjustable bar enables you to change its length between 25.25 inches and 40 inches. On the current market, this measure is nearly the best option. As for weight capacity, the JFIT bar can withstand the highest level up to 300 lbs.

For both safety and stability, JFIT prepares a set consisting of plugs and screws. Furthermore, handle grips made of neoprene material will offer more comfort and avoid slippery during pullups.


  • Comfortable neoprene handle grip
  • Length adjustability
  • Ease of installation


  • Less secured structure

3, BangTong&Li Pull Up Bar – Best for Freestanding Style

What is about the best outdoor pull up bar for your home gym? Well, do never miss the BangTong&Li freestanding pull up bar which you can place both outsides and insides your house.

BangTong&Li Pull Up Bar – Best for Freestanding Style

BangTong&Li Pull Up Bar – Best for Freestanding Style

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Instead of mounting onto doorframes, wall, or ceiling, the BangTong&Li bar stands firmly on its heavy-duty steel construction. The frame offers six different levels of height adjustment ranging from 76.4 inches to 84.3 inches. And the weight capacity reaches 300 lbs.

Besides a sturdy frame, the bar comes with non-slip end caps to keep it stay in place during your pullups. Also, its thick pads give enough comfort for your training.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Thick pads
  • Non-slip end caps
  • Both outdoor and indoor use
  • Adjustable height


  • Difficulty in moving the bar

4, Yes4All Pull Up Bar – Best for Wall Mounted Style

A doorway pull-up bar can damage the doorframe over time, especially the wooden ones. As a solution, we know about options with the wall-mounted installation like this Yes4All pull up bar.

Yes4All Pull Up Bar – Best for Wall Mounted Style

Yes4All Pull Up Bar – Best for Wall Mounted Style

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Based on a stainless-steel material with black powder coating, the bar is worth being a part of the best wall mounted pull up bar list. It offers the maximum durability and avoids corrosion for a long-lasting use.

Not only the weight capacity up to 300 lbs., the Yes4All features 10 ideal grip positions. This combination becomes an excellent idea of home gym equipment which you can do tons of pull-up exercises with.


  • 10 grip positions
  • Simple installation
  • Long-lasting materials
  • Space efficiency


  • Limited space for workout movement

5, PRO Mountings Pull Up Bar – Best for Ceiling Mounted Style

Another example for the best home pull up bar is the PRO Mountings bar with the ceiling-mounted installation style. The most impressive feature must be its weight capacity up to 500 lbs.

PRO Mountings Pull Up Bar – Best for Ceiling Mounted Style

PRO Mountings Pull Up Bar – Best for Ceiling Mounted Style

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The bar has a steel construction which can fir both I-beams and H-beams with the width from 3.5″ to 10″. Due to the ceiling-mounted position, the bar will give you more space to do pullups instead of limiting your movement.

With this pull up bar, there are three grip positions in total for you to change the pull-up styles.


  • High weight capacity
  • Space efficiency
  • Sturdy construction


  • No portability

How To Choose Pull Up Bars

Selection for in-home pull up bars normally depends on where you plan to set up them. Hence, manufacturers divides pull up bars into five main categories including doorframe pull-up bar, wall-mounted pull up bar, ceiling-mounted pull up bar, leverage-mounted pull up bar, and freestanding bar.

Doorframe pull up bar

As the simplest type, the doorframe pull-up bar comes with an extremely simple installation or removal. It tends to take up less space than other versions since you only need to let it mount on to a door frame but the wooden one.

Plus, there are numerous bars allowing the length adjustment to fit nicely the door frame width.

  • Pros: Simple installation, length adjustability, and space efficiency.
  • Cons: No suitability for wooden door frame.

Leverage-mounted pull up bar

It is another example of doorframe pull up bar but with an additional leverage for more secured structure. Moreover, this type does not require a complex installation. Just with some screws, the process can get done then. However, the installation still depends a lot on the door materials.

  • Pros: Simple installation, more secured structure, and space efficiency.
  • Cons: No suitability for wooden door frame.

Wall-mounted pull up bar

Thanks to screws for attachment into wall, the wall-mounted pull up bar is more durable than other categories. Like the doorframe bar, this one also takes up less space in your home. Besides, the decision regarding the bar height is up to you according to your body height.

  • Pros: Simple installation, height adjustability, space efficiency, and durability.
  • Cons: Close distance between wall and bar limiting your movement.

Ceiling-mounted pull up bar

This third type of pull up bar plays as a solution improving the disadvantage of the previous option. The bar removes all limitation caused by a close distance between wall and bar. Due to the ceiling-screwed form, the bar allows more room for workouts without leaving any space entanglement after exercises.

  • Pros: Space efficiency.
  • Cons: Height limit and complex installation.

Freestanding pull up bar

The freestanding pull up bar features a sturdy frame set up with multiple grip options for numerous exercises. In comparison with other categories, the freestanding style offers high weight capacity up to 700 lbs. However, the downside is that the bar requires more space and limit the movement.

  • Pros: Multiple grip and exercises options, high weight capacity, and sturdy frame.
  • Cons: No space efficiency and difficulty in movement.


1. Which type of portable pull up bar is the best?

The freestanding style is the only one which does not fixedly mount onto the wall or doorframe. Because of a big frame taking up much space, portability is not practical for the case of freestanding pull up bars.

However, you can remove the leverage mounted bar from wall to try some pullups on the floor.

2. What is the best height for a pull up bar?

The best height depends on your movement during exercises. The bar height must ensure that you knees do not touch the ground while you are hanging from the bar. At the same time, the distance between your head and the ceiling is at least 2 inches.

3. What is the best pull up bar for home?

If you have a wide exercise space, a freestanding pull-up bar is worth your consideration. Despite no space efficiency, this bar offers multiple grips for numerous exercises options and the high weight capacity.

By contrast, a narrow exercise space should have a ceiling-mounted pull up bar. In other words, the bar will not drive you insane by limiting your movement.


Each product of our list has their pros and cons. Deciding whether the one is the best pull up bar or not depends on your training requirements.

For us, the ProsourceFit leverage mounted pull up bar should be your priority. As one of the most common pull up bar design, this choice offers a great secured construction and grip for your pullups.

It’s our choice. So, what’s about yours?

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