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[2022 Updated] Best Treadmill Mats: Top-rated Reviews And Buying Guide

The best treadmill mats are to prevent slipping, protect floor as well as reduce noise, dust, and debris. We have a list of 2022 top-rated products here. So, you do not need to waste your time getting confused with the mass out there on the market anymore.Β 

You have to spend a lot of time researching and choosing the right treadmill for your home gym. But it is still not a perfect investment if you forget to buy a treadmill floor mat.

Why is it so important?

A treadmill pad comes as a design of the sound absorbency. It helps to buffer noise by the treadmill’s motor and your movement. Also, the high-quality product can reduce both dust and debris. Besides, the mat for under treadmill protects the floor and prevents slipping in case that your machine stands on a hard surface or carpet.

So now, it is time to explore the best treadmill mats which have attracted much attention these days.


Reviews of the best treadmill mats

After narrowing the mass of options available on the market, we have already picked the 5 best treadmill mats. Let’s see which one can meet your expectations.

1. SuperMats High-density Mat – Best overall

The first and the best treadmill mat of our list is the one from SuperMats. The product comes with the high-quality design for all types of floor. It does not bear any unpleasant odor at all.

In a black sporty look, the mat weighs only 25 lbs. and gets its dimension of 102 x 36 x 0.13 inches. Especially, the SuperMats chooses the solid vinyl composite – the U.S.A. sourced raw material. So, it contains no harmful chemicals or heavy metals which are unsafe for human health.

Due to the heavy-duty and super-tough construction, the mat gives an excellent protection for all types of floor. Plus, it dampens both noise and vibration so effectively while you are moving on the treadmill. Not only the sufficient cushioning, we appreciate the treadmill pad’s performance in preventing dust and debris, too.

In terms of versatility, the SuperMats product is worth getting a bonus point. It is suitable for a wide range of gym equipment from treadmills, ellipticals, bikes to cross-country trainers.

SuperMats High-density Mat – Best overall

SuperMats High-density Mat – Best overall

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  • Lightweight
  • High-quality material
  • No odor
  • Durability
  • Effective cushioning


  • Low thickness

Bottom line:

As the best-overall option, the SuperMats treadmill pad is outstanding for both quality and price. If you focus much on the material, it should not be out of the list because of its non-toxic vinyl composite.

2. Goplus Mat – Best for hardwood floor

The mat is superior by two sides with different useful features. It owns a non-slip surface for the bottom helping to keep the treadmill in place all the time. And the other is an easy-to-clean one for the high convenience of using.

There are three options for sizes of the Goplus mat. They include 4x2x0.3 inches, 5x2x0.2 inches, and 6.5x3x0.25 inches. The durable PVC combined with the standard thickness offers the durable protection for the hardwood floor as well as many other floors (such as vinyl, laminate, concrete, …) and equipment in various sizes.

When it comes to the shock absorption, the mat can help to minimize machine shake and friction onto the floor. Moreover, it also supports well in preventing both scratches and damages.

The water-resistant feature allows you to clean the mat easily. Moreover, it prevents sweat and water from absorbing and leaving nasty odor for days of using. Besides, we cannot ignore the noise reduction function of this mat. Because of damping the vibration when you are running, the mat keeps your machine to work in silence.

Goplus Mat – Best for hardwood floor

Goplus Mat – Best for hardwood floor

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  • Various options of size
  • Durability
  • Superior shock absorption
  • Water resistance
  • Standard thickness
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Non-slip surface


  • Initial odor

A treadmill mat with the low water resistance is never suitable for the hardwood floors. It is the main reason why the Goplus mat is worth considering.

3. SuperMats PVC Mat – Best for carpeted floor

The solid PVC creates the mat with an excellent vibration cushioning as well as the high durability. The thickness contributed by this material adds more protection and repels dust for carpeted floor surface.

This treadmill mat for carpets is not only water resistant but also extremely easy to clean. As a consequence, you do not need to worry much about the water absorption into the mat to leave odor all the time. Furthermore, in some cases, the low-quality mat may get mold and tear since the moisture keeps staying on the surface.

Another advantage of the mat is to dampen noise by creating an excellent cushioning between the equipment and the carpet. In comparison with many other materials, the PVC does this function so well due to the thickness that it builds for the product.

With the dimension of 36x90x1 inches, the SuperMats PVC mat can fit even a large treadmill. Assuming that you want it to be smaller, there is no problem for you to use a knife and trim it.

SuperMats PVC Mat – Best for carpeted floor

SuperMats PVC Mat – Best for carpeted floor

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  • Slipping resistance
  • Water resistance
  • Noise reduction
  • No odor
  • Large size
  • Thickness


  • Challenge in flatten out the mat

Bottom line

Standing on the carpet may cause the treadmill to slip easily. To change the situation, the SuperMats introduced this PVC mat. By an effective slipping and water resistance, both mat and your equipment will stay in place all the time.

4. ProsourceFit Puzzle Mat – Best for concrete floor

Instead of being in only one piece, the ProsourceFit comes as a quite strange interlocking puzzle mat. You need to assemble some square pieces to have a large mat for your treadmill. This treadmill mat will be suitable for concrete, tiles, and hardwood. However, it is not a good idea for shaggy carpets.

If the difficulty in packing is not your concern, the ProsourceFit mat is exactly the best option to reduce both noise and vibration. A set of 12 tiles which make a mat of 24×24 inches for each can fit completely under the treadmill to absorb all noise and vibration from the motor and your movement.

Another impression is the thickness. The treadmill mat is 0.5 inch thick along with a really smooth surface. Thick layers of EVA foam material play an essential role in preventing damages onto the floor caused by the treadmill heavyweight.

ProsourceFit Puzzle Mat – Best for concrete floor

ProsourceFit Puzzle Mat – Best for concrete floor

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  • Easy assembly
  • Versatility
  • High-quality material
  • Thickness
  • Durability


  • Difficulty of packing

Bottom line:

The ProsourceFit mat is versatile with the design of many square pieces. Thus, you can use this mat not only for treadmills, but also for other situations such as garages, gyms, home fitness rooms, or even children’s play areas.

Buying guide

There are some must-have features that the best treadmill mats should have. You can base on the list below for your consideration.


The mat only can do its functions well only when it fits beneath your treadmill. For the extra protection, we highly suggest you to choose the one with a margin around the equipment. The most common dimension of a treadmill mat is 42×72 inches. However, it is necessary to measure the treadmill before buying the mat to ensure the correct fit.


Another important key for the best treadmill mats is the materials. Although PVC is the most popular choice that most manufacturers use for their products, you can choose many others with the higher quality. For example, the mat made from recycled tires tends to give more protection and durability.

Floor surface

Different types of floor surface do not have the same requirement for the treadmill pads. As for the hard-surface floor with tiles, vinyl, or hardwood, the mat has to come with the effective shock absorption. On the other hand, a combination of grip and thickness is extremely essential for the carpeted floors to prevent slipping.

Water and odor resistance

When we work out, sweating or dropping liquids from the water bottle is not a strange thing. If your mat is not water resistant, the moisture will stay on the surface all the time. Consequently, it can leave some nasty odors. Also, the mat will slip instead of staying in place.

Moreover, many treadmill mats on the market bear a plastic-like odor. To prevent this discomfort, you should choose the one made of PVC over foam. Plus, made-in-USA products are the ideal options with the raw materials. Most of them are low odor or even odor free.


The mat density can minimize the noise from the treadmill as well as your movements. The thicker the mat is, the more effectively the noise absorption it can perform.

Commonly, a treadmill mat is often 1/4 inch thick. But you also can find the ones with the thickness of 3/8 inches. In case that your treadmill is the kind of heavy and commercial-grade model, the thick PVC mat should be the priority for the superior noise-reducing effects.


People tend not to care much about the warranty. However, it is as important as other elements mentioned above. Sometimes, a longer-term warranty presents the brand’s confidence in their products. Hence, it is a great idea to pick the mat with as long warranty as possible.

Final thought

It is not that every treadmill mat will be the best one for your equipment. Honestly, the best treadmill mat is the one which can meet your specific requirement. A pad for the carpeted floor will be different from the one for the tiles. So, we pick the four most outstanding options for types of floor. They are:

Among them, the SuperMats High-density mat is worth being the best choice ever. It comes with the high-quality material and design to be suitable for all types of floor. So, we appreciate its versatility.

There are more and more treadmill accessories to discuss about. Which one do you want to explore the most? Please let us know in the comment box since we will be back soon.

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