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Best Treadmill with Screen: 3 Top-rated Options for 2023

A treadmill with screen can save your workout from boredom. Big brands such as NordicTrack and ProForm offer impressive models of the touch screen treadmill. So, among them, which one will be worth your consideration?


Thanks to the hi-tech production, manufacturers in the fitness industry keep launching tons of modern treadmills with TV. The best treadmill with TV and WIFI not only helps to track your training progress conveniently, but also plays a key role for your entertainment during the workout.

To choose the most suitable machine, it is a need to consider some important points. They include:

  • Screen size: Undoubtedly, screen size is another important feature when it comes to the best treadmills with TVs. For most people, a 14-inch is the most common choice.
  • Extra features for screen: Not only a big size, an ideal treadmill screen should come with convenient features. Some typical ones are the high-quality display, Internet and Bluetooth connection, and so forth.
  • Motor power: CHP is the unit to measure the motor power of a treadmill. The higher the CPH is, the longer and better the motor can handle intense workouts. A treadmill will make no sense with an extremely low CPH even when it owns a super modern screen.
  • Belt size: It determines how large the area where you run/jog/walk on the treadmill. We suggest choosing the largest option, especially if you are in a large body. In general, the 15” x 50” is often good for walking while the 20” x 60” can add more comfort for running and jogging.
  • Durability: You can evaluate the durability of a treadmill based on the thickness of the track, and materials for the frame. Plus, both warranty terms and policy are things that you should not ignore. We always appreciate the treadmill with a long-term warranty.
  • Weight capacity: It must be at least 20% greater than your body weight. The high weight capacity can ensure safety for users and durability of the whole machine.

And now, let’s get started to search for the best treadmill with screen.

Best treadmills with TVs: Pros and cons

Choosing the most suitable treadmill with video screen is never an easy task. Especially with a mass of products launched into the market year over year, it becomes more difficult than ever. So, to help save your time, we listed a list of five potential products for reviews. And here they are.

1. NordicTrack T Series Treadmill

NordicTrack T series come with four different options of the screen size including 5”, 7”, 10”, and 14”. The HD touchscreen can offer an ease of stats tracking and connect with iFit for interactive personal training. This fitness membership allows 5 profiles to access live, audio, and global workout programs.

The treadmill with TV screen stands on a study steel foldable frame with a combination of black and gray. It gets the dimension of 67.5 x 36 x 73 inches for length, width, and height. And the highest weight capacity that the treadmill can handle is 300 lbs.

As for operation, the NordicTrack T series runs on a 2.6 CHP DurXβ„’ commercial plus motor for a max of speed up to 10 mph. The machine offers a 20” x 50” tread deck for a large space to run, jog, and walk on.

Besides, you will have a set of 20 built-in workout programs to follow without an iFit connection. During the use, you do not have to worry a lot since the treadmill is in protection with a 10-year frame warranty, 2-year parts warranty, and 1-year labor warranty.

NordicTrack T Series Treadmill

NordicTrack T Series Treadmill

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  • High weight capacity
  • Long-term warranty
  • Various built-in workout programs
  • Wide running area
  • Different options for screen size


  • No heart rate monitoring
  • Noisy operation

An affordable treadmill with screen is all we need for a convenient home gym space. Plus, the brand offers a considerably long term of warranty. This policy somehow presents their confidence in the product quality.

2. ProForm Pro 9000 Treadmill

It is one of the most popular treadmill with TV screen of 10 inches HD. Plus, the big brand NordicTrack creates this star with a powerful motor, a wide running track, and the high weight capacity, too.

In terms of the TV, the ProForm PRO 900 owns a built-in 10-inch HD smart touchscreen. This screen is well-known for the clear display among the mass of competitors out there. Besides, it supports tracking personal fitness stats including speed, distance, time, heartbeat, incline/decline, and calories burned.

Thanks to a smart display, the treadmill allows users to connect with iFit. This membership offers tons of coaching programs. Hence, you can experience professional training as well as workout challenges. In case that your iFit account expires, 40 on-board programs are always ready to satisfy.

Another impression is a powerful motor of 4.25 CHP for you to do even hard-core training. On the 22” x 60” belt, you will feel comfortable for every movement. Especially, the treadmill allows the weight capacity up to 400 lbs.

ProForm Pro 9000 Treadmill

ProForm Pro 9000 Treadmill

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  • Extremely high weight capacity
  • Super powerful motor
  • Smart 10-inch HD screen
  • Wide range of incline/decline
  • Large running area


  • Trouble in Internet connection

If you are not a newbie with the treadmill, we highly recommend this NordicTrack Pro 9000. The treadmill with TV ensures both quality and entertainment so well.

3. NordicTrack Commercial Series

Another recommendation from NordicTrack is the Commercial Series. It features an immersive 14-inch interactive HD touchscreen. Through this display, you can follow the streaming iFit workouts and track your fitness stats much easier. In fact, the 14-inch is not the biggest size. However, it is big enough for most purposes on the treadmill.

The 3.75 HP motor of this treadmill offers the top speed of 12 mph. Moreover, the machine allows you to adjust incline/decline from -3 to 15%. With a combination of speed and incline/decline, there are about 50 different in-built workout programs in case that you do not register for the iFit membership.

Plus, due to the WIFI connection being always available with the smart screen, you will never get bored with training. Or you can connect your own Bluetooth headphones and listen to your iFit trainer and workout music without any distractions.

For ease of storage, the NordicTrack Commercial Series is in a foldable form with the dimension of 59.25” H x 39.25” W x 81.25” L. With this frame, you have a running area which is 22” wide and 60” long. It can handle the max user weight up to 300 lbs.

NordicTrack Commercial Series

NordicTrack Commercial Series

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  • Powerful motor
  • Ease of storage
  • Wide running area
  • WIFI connection
  • Large HD touchscreen


  • Professional assembly needed

Honestly, NordicTrack, for years, has built more reliability with its product’s quality. And this Commercial Series is not an exception. However, it will take much time for you to set up the machine.

Final thought

Buying a treadmill with screen will never be a meaningless decision. Many people find it hard to stay motivated for the workout routine. It is the reason why the treadmill with TV comes into the world.

Let’s take the NordicTrack T Series treadmill which we consider as the best treadmill with TV currently as an example. The equipment does not only run on a powerful motor for intense training programs. But it also features modern parts for you to combine workout and entertainment simultaneously.

And which is your choice? How does a treadmill with screen support your workout? We are pretty eager to hear from you.

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