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Beware of Cheap Treadmills!

Are You Looking for Cheap Treadmills?

Learn what to look out for in cheap treadmills, so you are not left with junk! Cheap treadmills are easily available in today’s market, but you don’t really want to be looking at cheap treadmills! What you are really wanting is a good quality treadmill for a low price.

Since you are looking for cheap treadmills, chances are, you have never owned a treadmill before. Let us go through some of the basics of what to look for so you are sure to get a good quality treadmill, for a low price.

Hit The Deck – Cheap Treadmills Miss The Boat

The most common thing that happens when you look at cheap treadmills is that you find out that the deck (this is under the belt that you walk on) on cheap treadmills is very thin and does not have very good suspension.

Make sure that the deck on the treadmill you are looking at is at least 1/2″ thick and has a slick coating. Something to keep in mind is that several of the more expensive and fancier treadmills will brag away about their treadmill having a reversible deck. Before you get worried that you cannot find any cheap treadmills with a reversible deck, know this; a reversible deck is not an advantage unless you are walking several miles a day on your treadmill. Let me state that again. Unless you are walking several miles every day on your treadmill, you do not need a reversible deck.

Suspension – Cheap Treadmills Collapse Under The Pressure

Another thing you will need to consider when looking at cheap treadmills is the suspension. Treadmills, depending on the quality, have a suspension belt that makes walking on the treadmill more or less comfortable, and pleasant. Most cheap treadmills have a very thin suspension belt, or none at all, on it. This makes walking on it very hard on the joints, especially the knees. This is one of the most common causes of joint pain in a lot of cases!

The suspension on a treadmill is commonly overlooked, yet it is one of the most important parts of a treadmill. The suspension determines how your entire experience will go, and most likely a large part of whether or not you want to get back on the treadmill. If the suspension is too soft or loose you will feel like you are walking on a trampoline, while if there isn’t enough you will feel the hard shock with each step. Do not overlook this important feature when choosing a cheap treadmill.

Belt – The Skinny on Cheap Treadmills

Now lets talk about the width to the belt on your treadmill. Most cheap treadmills have a very narrow belt width, it’s not uncommon at all to find belts as narrow as 10 inches wide. However, if you plan to use your treadmill for a while and/or run on it, you will need to get a home treadmill with a belt at least 18 inches wide.

Motor – Cheap Treadmills Come Up Short

Next let us look at the motor for the treadmill. Looking at cheap treadmills doesn’t meant you should settle for a bad motor. The motor is what moves the belt so that it will roll smoothly along, allowing for you to walk smoothly through the treadmill’s lifetime. You will want at least a 2 horsepower motor, as well as to make sure the motor is heavy duty. You want it to last. Treadmills do not often get much ventilation, so the treadmill will need to still be able to work when hot.

If your treadmill’s motor isn’t big enough and it doesn’t allow you to walk smoothly it will reduce the lifespan of your treadmill. The minimum size motor you should get is 2.0 chp (continuous horsepower).

Just because you are looking for cheap treadmills doesn’t mean you want a low quality treadmill. So look carefully through your options and remember that large discount stores often have cheap treadmills but they are not always quality. Now that you know what you are looking for, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

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