Bodycraft Blu 800M Treadmill Review

Bodycraft Blu 800M Treadmill Review

The Blu Series 800M is Bodycraft’s top-of-the-line treadmill for runners. It was introduced in 2015 and is a new option for home gyms as well as light commercial fitness centers. The treadmill has a track of 63 inches, offers workout guidance, and comes with a great warranty on all parts: 12 year for home, 5 years for light commercial. Easy assembly and product durability are assured by the impressive quality control.

The variable cushioning is a unique feature of the Bodycraft 800M Treadmill. To get the right balance of cushioning and support, trainees can choose from six levels shock absorption. Highlights include an 15% automatic incline and heart rate controlled workouts.

The unit retails at $2,999 but is available for less during a launch sale. You will also receive a chest strap that can be used to wirelessly monitor your heart rate.

What we Like:

Long Track: Designed for long strides, Blu Series 800M’s track measures 63″ x 20″. To avoid lubrication, the two-ply belt is made of silicone. Other Blu Series treadmills have 58 inch tracks. All Blue Series treadmill tracks feature 2.5″ rollers with sealed bearings.
High Speed: This treadmill is capable of running at speeds up to 12 mph. Speed increases in increments of.1 mph. The slowest speed is.5mph. You can display data in kilometers or miles.
Cushioning: Bodycraft’s Blu Series treadmills include six kinetic energy dampers underneath the tracks. They are easy to adjust and allow trainees to have a combination of firm push-off support as well as a cushioned landing.
Incline: The track can automatically incline by up to 15% to help with muscle definition and calorie burning. The incline motor has 1,350 pounds thrust and moves easily for a dynamic, comfortable workout.
Console Extras: The 800M treadmill comes with a water bottle holder and an accessory tray. It also has a reading rack, a reading rack, and a jack to charge a tablet.
Workouts: The blue dots matrix screen shows progress through 18 preset programs. Manual, Interval and Thigh Burner are some of the options. Four programs can be used to monitor the trainee’s heartbeat via wireless telemetry or contact monitors. You can also save a custom program. The console can save data up to 30 minutes if a user needs to stop a workout.
Data: 10 data points are available: Speed, Average Speed and Incline, Time. Distance. Vertical Distance. Pace. Calories, Pace, Calories and Heart Rate.
Heart rate monitoring: The Bodycraft 800M Treadmill comes with a contact heart monitor and can also be used with wireless chest straps. A chest strap ($49 value) is included at product launch Contact heart rate monitors are more useful than other brands. During workouts, a person can easily make contact with the receiver.
Motor: This 3.0 HP continuous duty motor was built to last. It comes with a lifetime warranty for home use, and 10 year coverage for light commercial applications.
Assembly: This treadmill is easy to assemble. The Bodycraft manual has seven steps that provide clear instructions.
High Capacity: The 800M treadmill can hold up to 400 pounds
Transport wheels: Although the machine is nearly 275 lbs, it can be moved easily with its attached transport wheels.
Warranty: All new Bodycraft treadmills come with excellent warranties. The Bodycraft 800M residential warranty provides coverage for the motor and frame for a lifetime. Labor is covered for two and parts are covered for 12 years. Motor and frame are covered for 10 years in light commercial applications. The motor and parts are covered for five years. Free labor is available during the first year.
Quality Control: Bodycraft takes extra care to ensure its products are made correctly. The factory builds each treadmill and tests it for speed, electronics, etc. After assembly, the treadmill is disassembled and parts cleaned. Bodycraft weighs each box to make sure that every part is included before shipping.

What we don’t like:

– Machine size: This treadmill can be quite large. It measures 88 feet in length and 33 feet wide.

Our Verdict

The Bodycraft 800M is an excellent choice for residential and light commercial shoppers. The long track and variable cushioning make it a great choice for runners. The 400M is an alternative if a longer track is not necessary. Although the new Blu Series needs to be tested, Bodycraft’s quality control and extended warranties are a great help.

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