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Bowflex treadmill reviews: BXT326 vs. BXT226 models

Detailed Bowflex treadmill reviews compare BXT326 to BXT226 models. Which one should be the best choice for your training? Check the link out to find the answer. 

Bowflex, established in 1986, is one of the most well-known workout pioneers all over the world. In the past, while other brands focused on expensive gym weight machines, this “big brother” had its innovative idea for the home gym. Hence, busy people do not need to spend money registering gym membership or wait for equipment at fitness centers.

For more than 30 years of development, the brand has expanded the brand innovation. Especially with equipment like Bowflex treadmills, they come with designs that are smarter, more user-friendly, and effective than ever.

In this article, we love to introduce BXT326 vs. BXT226 Bowflex treadmill reviews. So, you can learn more about this product line and the brand as well.

BXT326 vs. BXT226 Bowflex treadmill reviews

Despite Bowflex treadmills for sale available on the market, BXT326 vs. BXT226 are always the favorite ones of home-fitness lovers. So, we make a detailed comparison between them to help you have the most reasonable shopping decision.

1. Bowflex BXT326 Treadmill

Among the treadmills of Bowflex, the BXT326 model is probably the most powerful machine. It brings professional experience even when you are only with the home-based training. We want to give this high recommendation for those who are considerably serious for cardiovascular fitness.

The Bowflex BXT326 runs on a 4.0 Continuous HP motor ensuring robust performance. Thanks to the powerful operation, the treadmill allows you to choose speeds up to 20 kph. Both of them will combine effectively to offer users the smooth movement for walking, jogging, or running.

With comparison with other Bowflex treadmill models, the BXT326 has the largest full-color backlit LCD of a 9-inch screen monitor. The feature provides an ideal display for all your training sessions on the treadmill. It lets you track the speed, incline/decline, calories burnt, terrain types, and time.

Besides, with this control panel, you can connect to smart devices via Bluetooth and WIFI for online training or syncing data.

A high-quality tread belt is available with a running area of 56 x 152cm. Plus, its 3-ply belt in the thickness of 2.5mm can provide you with the high convenience to run with natural stride.

Moreover, under the tread belt, it is a 5-cell comfort tech™ cushioning. The shock absorption plays a crucial role in reducing as much stress on your legs while walking or running. And it can still work well with the user weight up to 181kg.

Bowflex BXT326 Treadmill

Bowflex BXT326 Treadmill

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  • Compact design
  • Powerful motor
  • Wide running area
  • 3-ply tread belt
  • Large LCD screen
  • High weight capacity


  • Only a few built-in workouts for beginners

We consider the BXT326 as the best Bowflex treadmill. Not only space-saving design, but the machine also comes with powerful performance. Hardcore running lovers do not need to go to the gym for their professional training programs anymore.

2. Bowflex BXT226 Treadmill

Next, we turn to the second perfect option from Bowflex named the BXT226 treadmill. Despite not being as excellent as the first model, this one should not be out of consideration.

While the BXT326 can work well for professional home-based run training, the BXT226 becomes the best Bowflex treadmill for users at all levels. From beginners to experienced runners, everyone can get fantastic fitness transformation with the BXT226 at the home gym.

As for the motor operation, the BXT226 seems to be weaker than the BXT326. This model has a 3.75 Continuous HP motor, enabling users to experience both low and high-intensity workout sessions at the highest  20 kph.

BXT226’s touchscreen can do the same function as the one of model BXT326. However, in terms of dimension, it is about 2 inches smaller. It shows a set of 9 preset workout programs and lets you track all the data such as time, calories, and terrains.

Furthermore, we can miss its durable tread belt, too.

The belt is 51cm in width and 152cm in length, along with a 3-ply belt having a thickness of 2.5mm. The particular type of belt can improve in ensuring safe and convenient usage compared with 1 or 2-ply belt. For years of use, its material and thickness can prevent tearing.

Like other Bowflex treadmills, the BXT226 model also has the comfort Tech™ cushioning system under the running belt. It can ensure to give the shock absorption for the weight capacity up to 170kg.

Bowflex BXT226 Treadmill

Bowflex BXT226 Treadmill

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  • Foldability and portability
  • Powerful motor
  • Space-saving design
  • Safety coverage
  • High weight capacity


  • The narrow choice for built-in workouts

Among the two products of our Bowflex treadmill reviews, the BXT226 becomes the best choice for foldability. We appreciate this model due to its performance for a wide range of user levels.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The followings are two common questions regarding the Bowflex treadmills. Check them out to learn more about these fantastic 2020 treadmills.

1. Where can we buy Bowflex treadmills?

Since Bowflex treadmills are quite common these days, you can find them easily on the market. We suggest you buy these machines from Bowflex official distributors or big e-commerce sites. Reliable providers often ensure the warranty policy well.

2. Bowflex treadmill – how to use its heart rate monitor?

We divide the heart rate monitor in two ways. One is to hold the handgrip control, and the other is to use wireless control.

  • Handgrip control: On the treadmill side rails, there are sensors. You must hold onto the handrails while running to these sensors to record your heart rate.
  • Wireless control: You need to have a sensor strap and wrap it around your chest.

Final thoughts

With the Bowflex treadmill reviews, we show you the main differences between the BXT326 and the BXT226 models. Undoubtedly, their features, as well as performance, is considerably excellent. You only need to choose one in these two based on your training level.

Are there any treadmills that you fall in love with? Feel free to share with us, and we will discuss more.


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