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Cardio Exercise For Physical Fitness

Making sure that you are getting in a cardio workout is an critical part of most fitness plans. If you are not getting the results you were expecting from your current workout routine, you may need to take a closer look at your normal exercise routine to find out why. You may be spending too much time lifting weights and not enough on fat burning cardio exercise. Experts agree that you need to do at least thirty to sixty minutes of an intense cardio exercise three to four times per week in order to keep your heart strong. One thing is for sure, a great cardio workout makes you feel fantastic and gives you tons of energy throughout the day.

One great cardio exercise that you can do without having to sign up for a gym membership is good old walking. Walking at a brisk pace at least thirty to forty five minutes each time, three times or more per week will make your muscles stronger, increase your circulation, and help you to shed pounds. Try hill walking for an even greater, lower impact routine.

Find some good hiking trails, lakeside or beachside hills or nature reserves and you will soon be hooked on fresh air and Mother Nature. In our busy, ramped up lives we rarely find the time to commune with nature as we should and many days go by sometimes without spending any considerable amount of time outdoors.

If you are cooped up all day long at your job, sitting at your desk, you need to bring your walking shoes and instead of having that five thousand calorie hamburger for lunch, go outside and join all of your other fitness conscious co-workers on their daily jog or walk.

If the weather is often inclement where you live, you may want to consider investing in a home treadmill. Whether you only use it on days with bad weather, or it becomes a close daily friend, having a treadmill at home will ensure that you get in your cardio workout consistently. Instead of confining your treadmill to the dark, dank basement, try placing it so you can see out the window, or watch your favorite television show while using it.

Yoga is not always considered a cardio exercise but that is because they have not really attempted it. Most yoga classes these days are in hot box environments like steamy workout rooms, with at least ten to twenty other participants. Even beginner and intermediate yoga positions will tire you out quickly and make you sweat. Advanced yoga practitioners regularly end their workouts soaked to the skin.

Bike riding is another great cardio exercise and will have you looking fit and trim in no time. Once again, consistency is the key. You need to take the bike out at least three to four days per week. Since bike riding takes a little longer to work up a sweat than walking or running, you need to do it for longer periods of time, unless you are actually competing or doing heavy hills.

In the gym there are many cardio workouts available, including the old standbys like a stationary bike. But you can also get a great cardio exercise workout from a sitting row machine, which most health clubs have.

Swimming is another great cardio exercise and one of the most enjoyable. Swimming is very low impact and just about anybody at any age can get in a pool and get a great workout.

So go ahead and get started with your cardio exercise workout routine and see how much better you will be feeling and how much more energy you will have in just a few short weeks.

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