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How do you pick a treadmill for home use?

The best home treadmill is the one you use regularly and consistently! But what exactly makes a treadmill the best home treadmill? The answer to that question may be different for each person reading this, but there are some factors which will be important to everyone. When you are looking for a treadmill to place in your home, it is important to do your research to find the best home treadmill for you.

There are several different types of treadmills to choose from depending on your needs and goals. If space is a concern for you, look into ones that can fold for easy storage. When you are needing to track physical fitness requirements and goals, such as keeping track of your heart beat, you may want to look for a home treadmill that can monitor your vital statistics. Taking the time to look into the various options will help you determine which is the best home treadmill.

Home treadmills are an extremely sought after type of fitness equipment which have been improved upon considerably over the past 20 years. The best home treadmill machines tend to be a great choice of exercise equipment mainly because of their decreasing selling prices in addition to their increasing level of quality.

Home treadmills are among the most practical and favored work outs. The best home treadmill can be quite sensible for anyone who does not like to head over to the health and fitness club, as well as those who favor the convenience of exercising at home rather than walking or running through the neighborhood. You may have noticed an ever-increasing trend for the best home treadmills to come with additional functions and in various sorts of forms and sizes over the last several years. Some of these add additional function, while others are simply fun extras. But what are some of these important functional differences that you will want to look for to find the best home treadmill?

The thickness of the walking deck should be high on your list of priorities in finding the best home treadmill. The comfort of your back, feet, and legs will be greatly affected by the thickness of the deck. To provide effective cushioning for the legs, feet and back, the treadmill’s suspension should be directly beneath the walking deck. A strong walking deck is significant in figuring out just how long your home treadmill will last, particularly if you’re a runner. The best walking decks are most often made with thin layers of laminated wood which are coated with lubricants to help minimize the friction that occurs between the deck and belt. This will in turn reduce the strain on the motor of your best home treadmill.

To find the best home treadmill, you will want to keep an eye on the walking track or belt size. Make sure that the belt will not be prone to wear and that it is durable. A two-ply or greater belt is best, because a single ply belt will simply wear out and need replacement too quickly. According to the American Council on Exercise, the best home treadmill belt will have a minimum length of 49 inches, although 50 inches or more is better, and the width of the belt should be no less than 18 inches. If you are a runner, look for a running surface or belt length of at least 60 inches. A twenty inch belt width is most commonly found, which exceeds the American Council on Exercise‘s recommendation of eighteen inches.

There is an increasing trend to find folding treadmills in recent years. One advantage to having a folding treadmill is that they are made to be lighter weight so that they are easier to move. These compact units are easy to slide into your closet or under the bed when they are folded up. This makes folding treadmills a great option for anyone with a smaller home. Another advantage to folding treadmills is that they are usually found at a lower cost than regular home treadmills. In the last several years, folding treadmill quality has improved so much that you can find folding treadmills that are almost identical to non-folding home treadmills. You may just decide that a folding treadmill is the best home treadmill for you!

A lot of people looking for the best home treadmill want one that incorporates an incline. This is another feature you may wish to look for. Treadmills offer this ability to add an incline to your workout in order to replicate walking or running uphill, which will increase the intensity of any workout. Adding an incline to your workout can help to better define and shape your legs and hips. It will also increase the workout you are giving to your heart and lungs. An incline feature is included on many models of the best home treadmills. You can find this feature to be an electronic adjustment or a manual one. You may want to consider an electronically adjusted incline since you will be able to adjust it as you go through your routine, without interruption.

The motor is a critical part of any electronic home treadmill. You will want to consider how strong it is when you are looking for the best home treadmill. The size of a home treadmill’s motor is so important because it will affect the overall performance of your treadmill. In general, the larger and heavier the motor, the cooler it will run and the longer it will last. Look for a continuous duty power rating on the motor. This rating will give you a more accurate measure of the power of the motor. Knowing this rating will help you decide the best home treadmill to give you great performance and longevity of your machine.

If you planning to use your treadmill for walking, experts recommend that the motor have a 1.5 horsepower minimum rating under continuous use. If the motor is too small, it will not be able to provide the necessary power to run the treadmill, and will cause it to break down much more quickly. Keep in mind that if you will use your treadmill for running or if your weight is over 180 pounds, you will want a motor with at least a 2.0 hp rating for your best home treadmill.

You may also wish to look for a motor cooling fan. This could be an important feature in the best home treadmill as it will help the motor stay cool, and not overheat. The motor is the heart of your treadmill, and ultimately the deciding factor in the life of a home treadmill.

Using a treadmill is among the best ways to get fit, since it is an active exercise that will get your heart pumping and your lungs expanding, giving you a good cardiovascular workout. Using a fitness treadmill can help you keep track of your speed and heart rate, as well as other vital statistics depending on the model you choose, as you work out on your best home treadmill.

Treadmills have become very popular among people who are looking to slim or tone their body. For those who are looking to begin a moderate exercise routine, a home treadmill may be a great option. Having the best home treadmill in your house can encourage you to make exercise a part of your every day life, since it is so handy. You do not have to worry about the expense of a gym membership, or taking the extra time to drive to a fitness club. Your workout wardrobe won’t be as big of a concern, since no one else needs to see it! Perhaps among the most important benefits of finding the best home treadmill is that you do not need to worry about the weather outside when you are ready to exercise. Whether you are looking for a brisk walk, or wanting to take a run, the best home treadmill is available when you are.

No matter which you choose as the best home treadmill for your needs, remember to have fun with your routine!

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