Landice L7 LTD Treadmill Review

Landice L7 LTD

The Landice L7 LTD (L7 Limited), is a commercial-grade treadmill that’s high-end and light. It is made in America and comes with the best industry warranty. You have the option of choosing from three control panels at checkout. You can choose from a simplified or more advanced set of programs. There are also options to upgrade such as a 19-inch HDTV or a bracket for a tablet. Every Landice treadmill comes with all the standard amenities for a premium cardio trainer, including a cooling fan and water bottle holder.

Landice offers two very similar treadmills, the and L7 LTD. Both have light commercial warranties. Standard sized, the L7 LTD. The L7 LTD has a workout area of 20” x 56”. The L8 LTD’s running area is 22” x 64” and makes it an ideal choice for tall runners or anyone needing extra elbow room. The Landice treadmills also feature a maintenance-free tread belt and an electric incline of maximum 15%.

Landice’s light commercial warranty covers the parts for five year provided that the machine is not used for more than five hours per days and in a non-membership environment. This is a great deal, considering that other light commercial treadmills only offer a one- or two-year warranty.


Star Rating: 4.6-stars
Motor: 4 HP
Incline: 0 – 15%
Running Area: 20″ x 58″
Folding: No
Top Speed: 12 MPH
Weight Capacity: 400 LBS
Dimensions: 76″ L x 35″ W x 58″ H
Built-In Programs: Depends on console

What we Like:

Powerful motor: All Landice treadmills are powered by a 4.0 HP continuous duty motor. It can sprint at speeds up to 12 mph, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Deck Cushioning: The L7 LTD comes with a variety of cushioning options. The base price includes VFX shock absorption. VFX is five times more soft than grass, and it’s very comfortable for most trainees. Orthopedic suspension can be purchased for $300 more and offers approximately seven times the cushioning as grass.

High-Quality Treadbelt: The L7 LTD Club Treadmill features a treadbelt measuring 20” x 60” to enable runners and walkers to achieve full stride. It is made of high-quality materials. This tread belt is maintenance-free and can last for many years, unlike other belts that need waxing. The tread belt has four layers of material, while other belts only have one or two. It is guided by premium rollers.

Power Incline: A running surface can be inclined up to 15% A treadmill can be used to incline train, which is a great way to increase cardio workouts, calorie burn and muscle definition.

Console Choices: The buyers can choose from three Landice consoles. Two of them include Bluetooth connectivity.

+ Pro Sports Control Panel – The Pro Sports panel costs less than the other Landice console options. The LCD window allows trainees to access five preset workouts that they can personalize by speed, elevation, and time. Although gym users can save five customized workouts, this control panel doesn’t save multiple user profiles.

+ Cardio Control Panel – This sensible tool helps users to focus on endurance and heart rate. The Cardio Control Panel supports two pre-set heart rate workouts, and two user-definable heart rate workouts. The control panel can also be used to perform three fitness tests and many other workout programs. The LCD window displays data. The Cardio Control Panel supports five different programs and Bluetooth connectivity. It also supports Landice RunKeeper and RunSocial.

+ Achieve – This panel is the most advanced and offers the most variety of workout programs. The Achieve is the best option if you are deciding between Cardio or Achieve. It offers all of the Cardio features plus three additional built-in workouts, a user-definable program, and two additional heart rate programs.

Heart rate Monitoring: The Landice Treadmills now support wireless heart rate monitoring, and offer hand-grip pulse sensors.

Extra Features: Additional items available at checkout include a VESA D bracket that can support a monitor up 19 inches, a treadmill TV bracket, a tablet bracket, and medical rails (long safety bars) with orthopedic cushioning.

+ The Landice treadmill TV measures 19 inches in width and has high definition. It is also known as the Landice Vision System (or LVS) and can display live programming. There are HDMI ports for on-demand entertainment.

+ The brackets for VESA-D or tablet computers are a low-cost option to add entertainment to your treadmill workouts.

+ The medical rails provide safety and security. This cardio trainer does not have medical rails. Instead, it has standard handrails that are shorter.

+ The impact of treadmill exercise is reduced by orthopedic cushioning

Safety Features: An emergency stop button and safety lanyard are also included.

High Capacity: The new Landice L7 LTD can hold 400-pounds of user weight.

Excellent Warranty: The Landice light commercial treadmill warranty offers five-year parts coverage and one-year labor coverage. Landice’s parts warranties are rare.

What we don’t like:

Size: The L7 LTD track length is 58” which is sufficient for most runners, but can feel too long for long-legged runners. The Landice has a longer workout surface.

Our Verdict:

The Landice L7 LTD treadmill has been a popular choice for light commercial environments due to its high-quality construction. The L7 treadmill is an excellent choice for stocking a gym, hotel, or firehouse. Its easy maintenance, high performance and workout guidance make it a popular choice. Don’t hesitate. It is well worth the investment.

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FAQs Landice LTD

Where are Landice treadmills made

– Since 1967, Landice treadmills have been engineered, built and tested in America. Randolph, NJ is the home of the company.

Can The Landice L7 be usen for running and jogging?

This treadmill is designed for runners thanks to its quiet, powerful 4 HP continuous duty motor.

Is the Landice L7 Harder to assemble

This treadmill is easy to assemble and can be assembled by just one person. Landice offers additional shipping and assembly services at an additional charge.

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