NordicTrack Commercial 2450 Treadmill Review

NordicTrack Commercial 2450

This Treadmill Could be For You If:

  • A treadmill that folds easily is what you want
  • A powerful motor is essential to support intense training.
  • Commercial-grade treadmill parts are what you want
  • You would like the ability to switch between on- and off cushioning
  • You desire modern luxury, such as a large touch screen HD for viewing workout videos

As a folding treadmill, the NordicTrack Commercial 2450 is a popular choice among customers. This treadmill easily wins one of our top buy awards for the best treadmills below $2,500, with high marks for both its construction and programming. It is almost as powerful as The Commercial 2950 and nearly identical from a technical standpoint. It received many updates in 2021 like the rest of its model range. These included new drivers for incline/decline and dual-band WiFi connectivity. There were also improvements to graphics processing for the HD touchscreen.

The new Commercial 2450 treadmill is iFit-enabled and has power incline. This helps to increase metabolism and tone your muscles. It also allows you to make the most out of iFit Coach online training. Your treadmill will adjust to an uphill path if your program is showing one. The Commercial 2450 also has power decline, which is an uncommon feature in the treadmill market. The new NordicTrack2450 also features Bluetooth heart rate monitoring and Bluetooth audio connectivity, which will keep you entertained while working out.

The Commercial 2450 warranty covers the frame for 10 years, parts and labor for 2 years, and motor electronics for 2 years. Factory-direct NordicTrack treadles are also covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Star Rating: 4.9-stars
  • Motor: 4.0 HP
  • Incline: -3 to 15%
  • Running Area: 22″ x 60″
  • Folding: Yes
  • Top Speed: 12 MPH
  • Weight Capacity: 300 LBS
  • Dimensions: 81.25″ L x 39.25″ W x 59.25″ H
  • Built-In Programs: 50

What We Like:

  • Premium Touch Screen: This premium 14-inch HD touch display is the heart of the Commercial 2450 console. It allows you to fully view and understand your iFit programs. The updated graphics processing guarantees a clear and crisp HD video feed for your workouts. It is important to note that the screen is larger than it used to be, so there is no tablet holder.
  • iFit Coaching Workouts: Your 1-month free iFit membership is now available on a 14-inch smart touchscreen. This screen allows you to download customized workout programs at any time. You can access unlimited personalized workouts via WiFi, including interactive Google Maps trails and HD video workouts led by top-notch personal trainers.
  • High-End motor: The 2019 Commercial2450 treadmill is powered by a 4.0 CHP DurX Plus Commercial Plus motor. This high-quality drive is self-cooling for intense training and low vibration for quiet operation. It can also support speeds up to 12 mph.
  • Decline and Incline: NordicTrack 2450 offers a slope range from -3 to +15 %. You can also benefit from treadmill incline, which can significantly increase your metabolism and target and tone your muscle. You can use the incline/decline with iFit coach Google Maps workouts that replicate topography. It is possible to feel the change in the terrain as you watch it, which really brings your workouts alive. The 2021 update has the incline drivers with quieter and faster operating properties.
  • Heart rate monitoring: With wireless and grip monitoring, the 2450 can track your heart beat. You can use a Bluetooth wireless telemetry system that includes a chest strap (although it is not included). This strap can transmit a continuous reading to your display and helps you keep in the best training zone. The monitor can be used with pulse-controlled workouts. These adjust the speed and incline of the treadmill to maintain a specific heart rate. The handlebars have sensors that allow you to read your heart rate.
  • Bluetooth Audio: With the 2021 update, you can not only stream music from your smartphone to your treadmill, but you can also use Bluetooth headphones to hear your training programs during your workouts. This feature is great for those who don’t want to disturb the family and don’t mind running with wired headphones.
  • Tread Belt: The 2450 has a large 22-inch x-60-inch work surface. To minimize maintenance, the belt is 2-ply and stretch resistant, running over 2.5 inch rollers.
  • On/Off Cushioning: NordicTrack has equipped the Commercial 2450’s with an on/off cushioning system they call Runners Flex(tm). The jolt from exercise is decreased by 30% when the deck suspension is activated. This allows you to reduce impact on your joints. The impact in “road” mode is similar to what you feel on asphalt.
  • Sound-Absorbing deck: This high end treadmill features WhisperQuiet(tm), which absorbs enough sound to make it home-friendly.
  • Storage Trays and Fans: Stay comfortable while working out with dual 3”AutoBreeze(tm), 3” workout fans. These fans can either adjust automatically to your pace or can be manually controlled. This upgrade is a major improvement on the 2” fans found in other NordicTrack models. The console screen has an integrated tray with five pockets underneath. This allows you to keep your phone and water bottle close at hand. Some models only have two or three pockets.
  • SpaceSaver Design: All NordicTrack Commercial Series treadmills are easily foldable using EasyLift(tm). This makes it simple to store your machine and maximizes your living space. The Commercial 2450 is 81.2 inches long, 39.2 inch wide and 59.2 inch high when folded. This model folds very easily and locks securely when folded. It does take some effort to unlock the mechanism. This is actually a good thing. This is an important feature for parents with small children who value safety.
  • High Capacity: This robust cardio trainer can support 300-pounds of user weight.

What we don’t like:

  • Assembly: NordicTrack Commercial Treadmills can be difficult to set up. At least two people are required for moving and assembly. NordicTrack offers assembly service in many areas. For $249, you can get their premier delivery option that includes delivery to your home and the machine’s assembly.
  • Warranty: The warranty on the NordicTrack Commercial 2450 has a 2 year warranty on parts and electronic. This warranty is quite a bargain compared to the competition.

Our Verdict:

The Commercial 2450 treadmill is a long-standing favorite among customers and experts, and remains one of the best treadmills below $2,500, even with the most recent updates. Apart from the shorter NordicTrack warranties, we have no complaints about this treadmill. It is primarily dependent on whether you are interested in streaming training with iFit via a subscription model.

The new NordicTrack Commercial 2450 is a great value for money in terms of electronics, performance, and overall quality.

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What’s New for This Year

Every year, a few models are upgraded. There are many upgrades to models, including larger screens, motors that are stronger, and better tech. Sometimes, you may see two treadmills listed under the same manufacturer’s name. This is confusing enough for treadmill experts and new consumers. Here’s a quick overview of the new features on this latest treadmill.

New for 2021 (November 2020 Release)

  • HD Touchscreen Updated: Improved processor and dual-band WiFi compatibility will allow for a smoother video experience while following along to streaming or live classes.
  • New Mobile App: Now Available as a Mobile App for Your Smartphone.
  • Quiet Drive Incline Technology: The 2450’s incline drivers are quieter and more efficient than ever and provide greater control for instructor-led classes. Quieter is always better, especially when you need to follow guidance/instruction.
  • Bluetooth Upgrade: Before Bluetooth, you could pair your phone with your treadmill using Bluetooth. This allowed you to play your music while you work out. You can now pair your Bluetooth headphones with your treadmill so you can hear your instructor and not disturb the rest of the house.
  • Expanded iFit offer: Previously, these treadmills came with an individual 1-year membership to iFit. But for 2021, these memberships can be upgraded to family memberships, which is perfect for families with multiple runners.
  • Enhanced Automat Trainer Control: With iFit enabled machines, this function is really useful as live trainers can adjust your machine during workouts with greater accuracy, quieter, and more quickly in terms of incline and decline.
  • Improved Connectivity – Faster Dual 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi Connections, which improves both reception and speed.
  • Android 9.0S Updated: The new and faster Android operating systems improves your workout experience.


How much does a nordictrack commercial 2450 weigh?

The NordicTrack 2450 is 315 lbs in the box and 300 lbs out of the box.

Where should i buy the nordictrack commercial 2450?

NordicTrack is the best place to purchase your treadmill online. You’ll be able to take advantage of all the manufacturer’s discounts online and get special offers such as the 1-month iFit subscription that comes with the Commercial 2450.

How do i assemble the nordictrack commercial 2450?

You can find many videos on Fitness Equipment Help’s YouTube channel that will help you assemble your NordicTrack treadmill. You can also opt for NordicTrack premier delivery, which includes delivery to your home and assembly.

How can i play music on the nordictrack commercial 2450?

Bluetooth audio is available on the Commercial 2450. You can connect your smartphone or tablet to stream music or podcasts wirelessly through its set of 3″ speakers.

What payment options and financing plans does nordictrack offer for the commercial 2450 treadmill?

NordicTrack is very good about updating pricing specials for its machines. The current financing options include a $70 per monthly payment for 36 months at zero interest. This option also includes a free month of the iFit family membership plan valued at $39.

Does the screen go into sleep mode automatically?

Although the treadmill doesn’t have an independent power shutoff switch, the screen will automatically go to sleep mode if the belt is stopped more than a few minutes. Unplug the machine to turn it off.

Is the screen adjustable? can it be tilted up or down?

The screen is integrated into the console of the treadmill.

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