NordicTrack Commercial X14i Treadmill Review

NordicTrack Commercial X14i Treadmill Review

The NordicTrack Commercial X14i, a new version of the brand’s line incline trainers, is now available for 2021. It replaces the now discontinued X11i. The new model offers a range of improvements in performance and build specs, but it doesn’t compromise the core features that made the NordicTrack Commercial X14i a popular choice. Its incline is the main selling point. The X14i, like other models, offers a peak incline at 40% and a 6% decrease, which is far more aggressive than the 10-12% incline found in industry-leading treadmills.

There are a lot of upgrades to the X14i, as we’ve already mentioned. The new unit features a larger, high-definition touchscreen display with better graphics drivers. This will deliver sharper and clearer picture quality than the predecessors. The screen can move up to 14 inches and tilts to adapt to different viewing angles. The hardware level has been upgraded to 2021. Its incline drivers are now quieter, more precise, and faster. The machine’s speed and incline can be adjusted automatically while you are participating in the many iFit training sessions. The new models come with a 1-year family membership to IFit, rather than an individual. This means that multiple user profiles can still be saved for multiple household members.


  • Star Rating: 4.8-stars
  • Motor: 3.75 HP
  • Incline: -6 – 40%
  • Running Area: 22” x 60”
  • Folding: No
  • Top Speed: 0-12 MPH
  • Weight Capacity: LBS
  • Dimensions: 70″ L x 39″ W x 72.5″ H
  • Built-In Programs: n/a

What We Like:

  • Price: This treadmill is more expensive than the high-end home models, but it’s still a reasonable price for a commercial-grade treadmill with these features. It’s an affordable investment for those who want to upgrade to commercial quality at $2,299, with the option of a payment plan. The unit it replaces is also less expensive than this one, which is remarkable considering the upgrades.
  • Incline This is a huge benefit. The majority of treadmills have a 12- to 15% grade incline. However, the X14i can go up to 40%. This is similar to climbing the highest hills. This will allow you to burn calories quickly, strengthen your lower back, and add variety to your exercise program.
  • Large Interactive HD Touchscreen HD: This model has 14 inches of screen area, which allows for an immersive experience while you stream your workouts or navigate the world with iFit.
  • Total body training: The NordicTrack Commercial X14i is more than a running or walking workout. Total body training is also available.
  • Track Workouts With the X14i’s intuitive, informative console, it’s easy to track your progress.
  • Quiet and Quick Adjustment:Incline Drivers are quieter and faster than ever to keep you from disturbing the family while you work out.
  • Sled Push Have you ever seen a treadmill that doubles up as a sled. You can now! This treadmill can be transformed into a sled-pushing experience by simply changing your body position. Simply hold on to the handle bars and set the treadmill into manual mode. This is a great way to build strength and power in your lower body.
  • Reflex Cushioning – This treadmill has Reflex Cushioning. It was developed by NordicTrack to provide the best impact absorption and feel just like running on a road.
  • Motor: This machine has a 3.75 CHP motor (continuous-duty horsepower motor) so users don’t need to worry about it stuttering.
  • Self-cooling Run harder and for longer periods of time without worrying about the X14i heating.

What we don’t like:

  • Average Track Size The standard size of a treadmill belt is 22 inches x 60 inches. This size will work for most users. However, commercial treadmills at this price range offer a larger belt size of 22 inches x 62 inches.
  • Built in Programming: Despite all the attention on iFit we have yet to hear from NordicTrack as to how many training programs they have available for their new machines.
  • Niche Market The steep incline on this treadmill is an unusual feature, but it’s not something everyone wants or needs.
  • Short WarrantyWith the recent changes made by NordicTrack, warranties across all products have been reduced to 10 years for frames, 2 year on parts and electronic, and 1 year on labor. This is disappointing as it doesn’t compare to their competitors.

Our Verdict:

The X14i is a great option for anyone who wants to really push their home workouts to the limits. Even the high price tag is justified by the attractive incline function. At a 40% incline, a 200-pound person can walk at 2mph for 20 mins and burn 381 calories. This compares to just 157 calories when you use a 10% incline on most treadmills. You will be able to double your calorie burning if you work hard. There are a few downsides to this treadmill, but they are minor. The X14i is worth the investment if you have the funds.

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