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ProForm SMART Pro 5000 Treadmill Review

The ProForm SMART Pro 5000 Treadmill is a top-of-the-line exercise machine that combines performance, technology, and comfort to provide users with an exceptional workout experience. This article will delve into the various aspects of this treadmill, including its design, features, capabilities, and overall performance. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or a beginner looking to start a fitness routine, the SMART Pro 5000 has something to offer for everyone.

Overview of the ProForm SMART Pro 5000 Treadmill

The ProForm SMART Pro 5000 Treadmill is a high-end fitness equipment designed for both home and commercial use. It features a powerful 3.75 CHP motor that can reach speeds of up to 12 mph, making it suitable for intense cardio workouts. The treadmill also offers a 15% incline and a 3% decline feature, allowing users to simulate outdoor terrain and target different muscle groups. It has a spacious 22″ x 60″ running surface, providing ample room for users of all sizes.

Performance analysis of the SMART Pro 5000 Treadmill

When it comes to performance, the SMART Pro 5000 does not disappoint. The powerful motor ensures a smooth and quiet operation, even at higher speeds. The incline and decline features offer added challenge and variety to workouts, helping users burn calories and build strength. The treadmill’s cushioning technology provides excellent shock absorption, reducing the impact on joints and minimizing the risk of injuries. Overall, the SMART Pro 5000 delivers reliable and consistent performance, making it suitable for both beginners and seasoned athletes.

Robust features and capabilities of the ProForm treadmill

The SMART Pro 5000 is packed with a range of impressive features and capabilities. It comes with a 10″ full-color touchscreen display that provides access to a library of workout programs and training options. The treadmill is also equipped with a built-in fan to keep users cool during intense workouts. It features an integrated sound system with dual 3-inch speakers, allowing users to connect their devices and listen to music or audiobooks while exercising. Additionally, the treadmill is iFit-compatible, enabling users to access personalized workout programs, virtual coaching, and Google Maps routes.

Design and construction quality of the SMART Pro 5000

The ProForm SMART Pro 5000 is built to last. It features a sturdy and durable frame that can support users up to 300 pounds. The treadmill also has a convenient SpaceSaver design, allowing users to fold it up when not in use and save valuable floor space. The EasyLift Assist system makes folding and unfolding the treadmill a breeze, eliminating the need for heavy lifting. The overall design and construction quality of the SMART Pro 5000 is impressive, ensuring a long lifespan and reliable performance.

Advanced technology integration in the ProForm treadmill

The SMART Pro 5000 sets itself apart from other treadmills with its advanced technology integration. The iFit compatibility allows users to access a vast array of training options, including virtual workouts, live interactive classes, and personalized coaching. The treadmill can also be connected to a smartphone or tablet, providing users with the ability to track their workouts and progress. The advanced technology features of the SMART Pro 5000 make it an excellent choice for tech-savvy fitness enthusiasts.

Comfort and convenience offered by the SMART Pro 5000

The SMART Pro 5000 prioritizes user comfort and convenience. The spacious running surface provides ample room for users to move comfortably. The ProShox cushioning technology reduces the impact on joints, allowing for a more comfortable workout experience. The treadmill also features built-in speakers and a cooling fan, enhancing user comfort during workouts. The convenience features, such as the SpaceSaver design and EasyLift Assist system, make it easy to store and transport the treadmill, adding to its overall appeal.

Impressive workout programs and training options

The SMART Pro 5000 offers a wide range of workout programs and training options to suit users of all fitness levels. With access to the iFit platform, users can choose from a library of pre-programmed workouts, follow along with virtual trainers, or participate in live interactive classes. The treadmill also allows users to create custom workouts and track their progress. Whether you are looking to lose weight, improve endurance, or train for a specific event, the SMART Pro 5000 has workout programs and training options to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Tracking and monitoring functionalities of the treadmill

The SMART Pro 5000 comes equipped with a variety of tracking and monitoring functionalities to help users stay on top of their fitness journey. The treadmill is Bluetooth-enabled, allowing users to connect their devices and track their workout data. The iFit platform provides detailed insights into workout metrics such as distance, speed, time, and calories burned. Users can also monitor their heart rate using the built-in EKG grip pulse sensors or by using a wireless chest strap (sold separately). The tracking and monitoring functionalities of the SMART Pro 5000 enable users to track their progress and make data-driven decisions to optimize their workouts.

ProForm SMART Pro 5000 Treadmill: Pros and cons


  • Powerful motor and adjustable incline/decline feature for versatile workouts
  • Advanced technology integration with iFit compatibility for personalized training options
  • Sturdy construction and SpaceSaver design for durability and easy storage
  • Comfort features such as cushioning technology, a cooling fan, and built-in speakers
  • Variety of workout programs and training options to suit different fitness goals
  • Tracking and monitoring functionalities for data-driven workouts


  • Higher price point compared to other treadmills in its class
  • Requires a subscription to iFit for access to all features
ProForm SMART Pro 5000

ProForm SMART Pro 5000

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Final verdict: Is the SMART Pro 5000 worth it?

The ProForm SMART Pro 5000 Treadmill is a high-quality exercise machine that offers a wide range of features, capabilities, and training options. Its powerful motor, adjustable incline/decline, and advanced technology integration make it suitable for users of all fitness levels. While the higher price point and subscription required to access all features may be a drawback for some, the SMART Pro 5000’s robust design, comfort features, and tracking functionalities make it a worthwhile investment for those looking to take their fitness journey to the next level. With the SMART Pro 5000, you can achieve your fitness goals from the comfort of your own home. So, if you are serious about your fitness and want a treadmill that delivers in terms of performance, technology, and comfort, the SMART Pro 5000 is definitely worth considering.

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