ProForm SMART Pro 9000 Treadmill Review

ProForm Pro 9000 Treadmill

The SMART Pro 9000 by ProForm is a great option when looking online for a home treadmill. The Pro 9000 combines a powerful motor (3.6 CHP), with a bright display that displays preset workouts and supports interactive training. You can track your progress on one large, beautiful screen. Other highlights include a foldable frame and an electronic incline that can range between -3 percent and 12 percent. There are also 2 built-in speakers.

The Pro 9000 treadmill is designed for serious runners. It’s also an excellent option for families with multiple trainees. This machine has the same Mach Z Commercial Plus motor as the ProForm Boston Series treadmills. These were specifically designed for marathon training. CoolAire fan is also included in the treadmill. It can be adjusted to different levels and has single-button controls.

You might be able to get by with a less powerful motor like the Pro 2000 if your cardio training isn’t very heavy-duty.

The full price of the Pro 9000 treadmill is $1799, but you can get discounts through some online sales.

New for 2021

– This year’s Pro 9000 is available with a 22″ Smart HD Touchscreen that’s significantly larger to make iFit workouts more real. This screen is a significant upgrade to the previous 10″” screen.


Star Rating: 4.7-stars
Motor: 3.6 HP
Incline: -3 to 12%
Running Area: 22″ x 60″
Folding: Yes
Top Speed: 12 MPH
Weight Capacity: 300 LBS
Dimensions: 77.3″ L x 35.3″ W x 59.6″ H
Built-In Programs: 40

What We Like:

Motor: The ProForm Pro 9000 treadmill uses a high-quality 3.6 CHP MachZ Commercial Plus Motor. It can handle long runs and interval training, as well as heavy use.

Large Track: The SMART Pro 9000 treadmill track is 20” in width and 60′ in length. Everyone can run long distances with enough elbow room.

Decline and Incline: Compared to standard treadmills, treadmills that have inclines or declines can help you get fitter and better prepare for outdoor exercise. Pro Series treadmills can have a maximum of 3% drop and a maximum of 12% incline, with electronic controls.

Cushioning: Pro Series treadmills decks use ProShox cushioning for safer running than on asphalt or concrete. The Pro 9000’s cushioning reduces impact by as much as 28% Air-based cushioning: When you step down, an air chamber in your deck compresses to reduce impact.

IFit Coach Ready: The machine comes with an one-year iFit Family membership. The Pro 9000 treadmill is capable of running iFit Coach on its 22″ screen via your home’s wireless Internet. Virtual outdoor training is the most popular benefit. You can use Google Maps technology to draw a route from real life and then feel the highs and lows of that route with the treadmill’s automatic ramp. Google Street Views can be displayed on your monitor when they are available. Other benefits include wireless stats logging and an HD video library that allows you to exercise with celebrities personal trainers. You can also download a personalized workout each day.

Foldable: The Pro 9000 is a SpaceSaver treadmill that can be easily folded up for storage. The shock-assist system allows you to move the deck vertically to save floor space. When the session is over, the deck will gently drop back to the ground.

–  Heart Rate Monitors: Two heart rate monitors are included with the Pro 9000 Treadmill. Wireless telemetry is available (a chest strap comes with the machine) and grips can be added to the handlebars.

Audio: Music is the perfect companion for exercising. The Pro 9000 features 2 speakers that allow you to move to your favorite music.

Warranty: The Pro 9000 warranty covers the frame for 10 years, the parts for 2 years, and labor for 1 year.

What we don’t like:

Quality Control: Quality control is inconsistent. Because of the large number of machines they make, replacement parts may not always be readily available. A small number of customers end up feeling very unhappy when their machine stops working and have to wait for ProForm’s help.

Return Policy: ProForm equipment comes with a money-back guarantee, however customers may have to pay return shipping costs and may be subject to a 10% restocking fee.

Our Verdict:

The SMART Pro 9000 package is a great choice for any runner, from the casual runner to the marathoner. This machine is compatible with iFit, but does not require a subscription. We love that it comes with iFit compatibility. The Pro Form Pro 9000 is a great option if you are looking for a more powerful treadmill but don’t need to spend a lot on expensive commercial equipment.

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How much does the proform pro 9000 weigh?

ProForm SMART Pro 9000 weighs 300 lbs.

Do you have to set up an account to use google maps on the proform smart pro 9000?

You need an iFit account to access the Google Maps feature. iFit Coach memberships start from $9/month

Is the proform smart pro 9000 a quiet treadmill?

– The ProForm SMART Pro 9000 treadmill is quiet and suitable for home use. The treadmill is powered by a 3.6 CHP MachZ Commercial Plus Motor, which keeps it cool and creates high levels inertia to give you a smooth feeling while still offering quiet performance.

How is proform’s customer service?

– To be fair to all manufacturers, all protocols have been drastically changed by the COVID-19 epidemic. Since the quarantine was issued, we have noticed an increase in complaints from customers about service. This is due to factory slowdowns and work-remote regulations. When reviewing these reviews, we recommend that customers keep this in mind.

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