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Sole F63 vs. Horizon T303: Which one to choose with a tight budget?

A quick comparison between Sole F63 vs. Horizon T303 helps you to have a deeper insight into the two most common under $1,000 treadmills. If you still get confused about these two, do not ignore this article.Β 

In a battle of budget-friendly treadmills, missing products from two of the best brands named Sole Fitness and Horizon is truly a bad idea. And the stars that we love to mention here are Sole F63 vs. Horizon T303.

Sole F63 Treadmill

Sole F63 Treadmill

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Which one is better, and how can we pick the most suitable option? Now, let’s get started with our comparison to know your answer.

Sole F63 treadmill review

Your budget may be tight for a home-gym treadmill. You probably prefer a high-quality, simple machine to an expensive one with fancy extras. If they are your case, keep going with the Sole F63 treadmill review below to see how well this model can meet all your demands.

The Sole ranks F63 as the simplest model in the current brand lineup. But the product still achieves a high appreciation due to its simplicity but effectiveness.

Horizon T303 treadmill review

Like the Sole F63, Horizon T303 is also an affordable treadmill. In the GO series of the Horizon, T303 is the flagship model. With some high-tech niceties, this machine is suitable to support joggers, walkers, and newbies at most.

Not only affordability, but we also appreciate its simple design targeting casual use. So, it is not too challenging for any user to control the machine.

Comparison: Sole F63 vs. Horizon T303

There are seven elements in total to take into consideration two treadmills. For more details, we plan to compare Sole F63 and Horizon T303, basing one price, design, drive system, running area, workout programs, display, and warranty. We will learn one by one to determine how these treadmills are different.


As we mentioned above, these treadmills are affordable options for those who only have a tight budget. On the market recently, providers sell both of them under $1,000, which is an extremely fair price for a basic home treadmill.

At the considerably low-price range, the treadmills tend to be used for walking, jogging, or light running. They also own standard features and sometimes competitive warranty.

  • Comparison: Similarity


Sole F63 stands on a sturdy, foldable steel-coated frame with the dimension of 82″” L x 35″” W x 57″” H. The compact design, combined with a hydraulic shock, helps the soft drop system make the storage easier than ever. Unless you weigh over 325 lbs., there will be no problem with this machine.

The Sole F63 treadmill comes with a compact design; Horizon T303 get the more space-saving form due to the dimension of 75″” L x 34″” W x 58″” H. Yet, the model is only available with the weight capacity of 194 lbs. Plus, most of its parts are in the protection by a high-quality steel frame.

  • Comparison: Sole F63 wins

Drive system

When it comes to the motor, it seems to be hard to find differences between Sole and Horizon treadmills.

The F63 features a quiet 3.0 CH which is powerful enough to support walking, jogging, and light running workouts at the top speed up to 12 mph. Additionally, thanks to heavy-duty flywheels, the drive system can keep cool during the operation without overheating. Consequently, it ensures durability with minimal maintenance.

Horizon T303

Horizon T303

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Horizon T303 also runs on a 3.0 CHP motor for the speed range from 0 to 12mph. Then, you do not have to worry too much about ugly noise produced by the drive system even when doing an intense training.

  • Comparison: Similarity

Running area

Another thing helping the Sole F63 to shine is exactly its running area. The deck gets 60” L and 20” W which will not prevent you from folding the treadmill up and storing it conveniently. In terms of cushioning, the Sole uses the Cushion Flex Whisper Deck for the F63 to reduce the joint stress up to 45%.

The Horizon T303 offers users the same size for the running area. And the difference is the cushioning system. We find the machine with three-zone variable cushioning. It divides the track into three parts also to soften impact on joints so that users can feel comfortable with the long training.

  • Comparison: Similarity

Workout programs

When mentioning the drive system, we know that there is no difference in the speed range of Sole F63 and Horizon T303. However, the F63 offers the incline adjustment up to 15% while the limit of the T303 is only 12%.

So, the number of workout programs that Sole F63 can offer will be more diverse. In fact, the F63 and the T303 are available with 10 and 8 workout programs, respectively.

  • Comparison: Sole F63 wins.


The LCD screen is one of the most common screen types applied for the treadmill console. And both F63 and T303 are not the exception. It enables you to track your personal data and training information more clearly.

  • Comparison: Similarity


In comparison with Horizon T303, most of the Sole F63 treadmill sale on the market is under the same warranty for frame and motor. Both brands offer the lifetime warranty for these parts. Hence, you can save a lot of money.

  • Comparison: Similarity

Final thought

Without comparing, differentiating Sole F63 and Horizon T303 is not an easy task at all. They are competing with the close similarity that makes us extremely confused.

Regardless of the similar points including price, drive system, running area, display and warranty; we should consider the design and workout programs of these treadmills. And the Horizon T303 and Sole F63 review shows us that the latter is worth being the winner because of more compact design and a bigger number of workout programs.

How is your opinion? Do not forget to share with us because we will come back with many amazing treadmill comparisons. Thank you for reading and see you soon!

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