Sole F80 Treadmill Review

Sole Fitness F80 Folding Treadmill

This Treadmill Could be For You If:

– A treadmill that folds easily is what you want.

– A motor that can support long distance running, interval training and hill training is essential.

– If you are a heavier person, your machine will need to work harder.

– You would like to keep track of your workouts using fitness apps.

– Commercial-grade components are required as well as modern accessories.

The new Sole F80 folding treadmill has more space and is faster than ever. It also features a host of upgraded features and specs. The F80’s star features include a 9-inch LCD display and a tablet holder that allows for multitasking, entertainment, and syncs workout data to fitness apps. The F80 boasts a 22-x-60-inch running area, a commercial 3.5 HP motor, and a power incline of maximum 15%. This makes it one of our top treadmills. The F80 was upgraded by Sole with a reversible deck. This not only doubles its life span but also reduces the impact of each step by up to 40%.

The new F80 treadmill, like all Sole treadmills this model year offers 10 preset programs and user-created workouts. Your workouts can be viewed on the LCD display, which measures 9 inches, which is one of the largest screens in the series, as well as on your smartphone or tablet.

You would like to keep track of your fitness stats using an app? Bluetooth connectivity is available on Sole treadmills for use with the Sole Fitness app. It works with all iOS and Android devices. The app allows you to dock your mobile device on the treadmill screen. You can watch a movie, read news, or catch up on your book while the app records your exercise data. The Sole Fitness app syncs with FitBit, Apple Health, and other fitness apps to keep all of your exercise data in one location. Additional features include Bluetooth speakers, a USB charging port and USB charging ports for your devices.

The F80 is the best option for saving space. You can fold the treadmill and store it after a workout to save floor space. The treadmill also locks securely into place to ensure your pets and children’s safety. To fold your treadmill up, simply toggle the switch.


Star Rating: 4.9-stars
Motor: 3.5 HP
Incline: 0 to 15%
Running Area: 22″ x 60″
Folding: Yes
Top Speed: 12 MPH
Weight Capacity: 375 LBS
Dimensions: 82″ L x 37″ W x 66″ H
Built-In Programs: 10

What We Like:

High Quality Parts: The F80 is made to last. It uses commercial-grade parts that ensure long life and a comfortable ride. The machine’s exceptional shock absorption provides extra comfort so you can run or walk on it every day.

Folding Capabilities: Another clear advantage of this treadmill is its ability to fold down for space saving. The F80 is a great choice if you’re building a small gym. The F80 folds up quickly and easily. Simply flip the switch to activate it.

High-Power motor: This motor’s 3.5 HP is perfect for people who run longer distances and those who are heavier who need more power. This treadmill is capable of supporting any type of workout: long distance running, interval training, hill training, and more.

Smooth track design: The F80 treadmill has a 22-by-60 inch deck. This makes it more comfortable for people who are larger and those who need more space for running. It also features a two-ply belt with 2.5 inch rollers that help keep the machine quiet and prevent wear.

Joint Impact Benefits: This top-of the-line cushioning system was created to relieve stress from your joints and allow you to run pain-free. The Cushion Flex Whisper Deck reduces joint impact by up to 40% when compared to road running. This allows you to maintain a consistent workout and helps minimize injuries.

Reversible deck: The F80’s flip-over desk allows you to extend the life of your machine by allowing you to simply flip the deck over when one side is worn and then use the other.

Preset Workouts: Kick boredom to the curb by using one of Sole’s preset workout programs. You can use the F80’s 10 built-in workout programs, which will help you achieve your fitness goals. The F80 can store two user profiles to help you keep track. This allows you to switch between workouts with your roommate or partner, while still having all your information stored in the machine.

Convenient LCD Display: With a 9-inch LCD display, it’s easy to keep track of your workout sessions. Are you a fan of fitness apps? The F80 provides a tablet holder that is secure so data can be tracked in the background, while you use other apps such as TV, reading, or streaming music.

Heart rate monitoring: This device offers integrated pulse monitors at the handrails, as well as the option to use a wireless chest strap that is included in the purchase.

Safety Features: The F80 was designed with safety in mind. It features a large stop switch and the ability to start at 0.5 mph.

Additional Features: With the F80’s Bluetooth compatibility, users can transfer their workout data from their treadmills to their smart devices. Track your progress using the Sole app, or transfer your workout data to any fitness app you choose, such as Fitbit or Record, Mapmyrun, Apple Health, or Mapmyrun. You will also find an accessory tray, Bluetooth speakers and a USB charging port, as well as cooling fans built into the F80 to keep you cool during your workout.

Warranty Details: The F80 warranty offers great coverage for this machine. It includes lifetime coverage on the frame and motor; 5 years electronics and parts; 2 years labor; and 2 year coverage on the deck and motor.

What we don’t like:

A limited number of workouts: The F80 has only 10 programs. While there is a lot of workout options, some customers might prefer to be able to download new workouts.

Side Rails Handrails for stability: While handrails can be useful, they don’t last as long as some runners might like.

Unsatisfactory Customer Service: There is no chat option and the email response time is slow, if any.

Our Verdict:

The Sole F80’s $1,599 price is a popular choice and you won’t be disappointed. This is a reasonable mid-range option that sits between Sole’s entry level F63 treadmill or their premium F85 machine. This cardio trainer is a great value due to its high-quality components as well as modern, upgraded features.

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New for 2021

Mobile Data Transfer Capability : With the Sole Fitness app you can transfer your workout data to your smartphone using the Sole Fitness app. This allows you to integrate your favorite fitness apps such as FitBit or My Fitness Pal with the Sole F80.

Larger Surface Area: To accommodate taller runners or faster runs, the Sole F80 running area has been increased to 22”x60”.


How much does the sole F80 weigh?

The Sole F80 is 278 lb. The maximum weight of the Sole F80 is 278 lb.

Where should i buy the sole F80?

It is often easier to purchase your treadmill directly from the manufacturer. Sole offers discounts online, free shipping and a 30-day trial.

Does the sole F80 have bluetooth?

Yes, the Sole F80 can be used as a Bluetooth device. This allows you transfer your workout data to your smartphone and other fitness apps.

What is the difference between the sole F80 and F85?

The Sole F85’s motor is a lot more powerful than the F80’s, with a 4.0 HP drive instead of the F80’s 3.5 HP. The F85 can support heavier users (its weight limit is 400 lb). Instead of 375 lb. The F80’s 2.5-inch roller length and 9.0 inch LCD display are also increased.

Is the sole F80 difficult to disassemble?

It is simple to disassemble. The instructions in the owner’s manual will guide you through the process with the tools included in the kit. It can be disassembled down to the console and deck, so it is easy to maneuver through most doors and walkways. It can be difficult to maneuver the unit through narrow hallways and stairways.

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