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Sole F80 vs. NordicTrack 1750: Finding the best treadmill under $2,000

With a budget under $2,000, what should you choose: Sole F80 vs. NordicTrack 1750? In this comparison, we will help you to find the answer. 

The NordicTrack Commercial 1750 and the Sole Fitness F80 are two common home treadmills that many people care about these days. However, their close similarity in price and features makes shoppers confused a lot.

It is the reason why we make a comparison of Sole F80 vs. NordicTrack 1750.

Sole F80 treadmill review

At the price range under $2,000, the foldable Sole F80 treadmill for sale meets the demands of those who love the long-distance run or interval and hill training.

Sole F80 Treadmill

Sole F80 Treadmill

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The treadmill is useful for heavy runners by its high weight capacity. Plus, thanks to upgraded features, this option delivers fitness lovers perfect values.

NordicTrack 1750 treadmill review

If you need a treadmill for both incline and decline adjustment, do never miss NordicTrack 1750. The machine can satisfy your fitness desire with a wide range of workout programs combining with iFit connection. Moreover, the wider smart screen and quiet operation promise to support you so well.

Considering Sole F80 vs. NordicTrack 1750

It seems to be hard to conclude immediately in which the better choice is without making a comparison of NordicTrack Commercial 1750 vs. Sole F80. Now, we will help you compare these treadmills based on criteria including price, design, drive system, running area, display, and workout programs.


We add both Sole F80 and NordicTrack 1750 into the list of treadmills under $2,000, although the latter is slightly more expensive.

Treadmill - NordicTrack Commercial 1750

Treadmill – NordicTrack Commercial 1750

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Generally, they are treadmills with the modern parts, optimal designs, and advanced technologies at this price range. The high quality of these higher-level products tends to offer long-term usage with durability and minimal maintenance.

  • Comparison: Sole F80 wins


Saving space is also a key target that both Sole and NordicTrack focus on when designing these treadmills. Due to their foldability, you can easily fold the machines for even small storage when not in use.

Sole F80 win the form of 82” L x 37” W x 66” H may take up more space in length than NordicTrack 1750 whose form is 78.8” L x 39.2” W x 63” H. In terms of width, the Sole treadmill seems to be more compact. Generally, they get nearly the same dimension.

The difference between the Sole vs. NordicTrack treadmills lies in the weight capacity and convenient technology. Sole F80 comes with a weight capacity of 375 lbs. NordicTrack 1750 allows only 300 lbs.

But as an offset for the disadvantage regarding the weight capacity, NordicTrack designs its model 1750 with SpaceSaver® Design with EasyLift™ Assist. Hence, there will be no problem for you to move the machine from one place to another.

  • Comparison: Sole F80 wins

Drive system

The 3.5 HP motor of Sole F80 is exceptionally suitable for users who prefer long runs or have a heavy bodyweight. This drive system guarantees a speed range between 0.5 and 12 mph. It is the reason why many runners choose it for both interval and hill training.

At a higher level compared with Sole Fitness F80, NordicTrack 1750 owns an advanced drive system. Its 3.75 DurX™ Commercial Plus CHP motor enables you to adjust speeds from 0 to 12 mph.

Especially, the SMART-Response drive system can reduce vibration and ugly noise with the self-cooling feature. These things will support you well for long runs as well as continuous interval training.

  • Comparison: NordicTrack 1750 wins

Running area

We found the Sole and NordicTrack treadmills have the same running area. They are similar in both sizes of running surface and cushioning technology.

A tread belt of 22″ X 60″ is about 2” roomier than any other standard treadmill nowadays. So, it is suitable even for larger people. Furthermore, the thick belt plays its role effectively for noise minimization.

In terms of the cushioning preferences, these brands apply the Runners Flex™ cushioning for their treadmill. As one of the most advanced technologies in the treadmill industry helps to soften stress on your joints. Consequently, cushioning can reduce the risks of injuries by approximately 40%.

  • Comparison: Similarity


A 9-inch LCD screen with the white back-lit color of Sole F80 delivers a wide display for you to track all training data. On the other hand, NordicTrack 1750 shows the data on a 10-inch touch screen. The smart HD one takes advantage over the LCD screen of the Sole F80 to display the HD video.

  • Comparison: NordicTrack 1750 wins

Workout programs

With Sole F80, the incline adjustment includes 15 levels in total. Combining incline and speed kicks the training boredom away from you by a set of ten on-board workout programs. It offers six standard programs, two custom programs, and two heart programs.

Moreover, the machine can store data for two users at the same time. Hence, it becomes more convenient for your partner and you to switch back and forth.

For NordicTrack 1750, the treadmill is available with both incline and decline adjustment. So, the number of built-in workout programs is bigger than the one of Sole F80. Various options of 50 programs will never let you down with your daily training.

  • Comparison: NordicTrack 1750 wins


Which brand should you choose when it comes to the warranty, Sole vs. NordicTrack? Well, it is undoubtedly Sole Fitness. It may not be as good as its rivals in providing advanced features. However, this brand always offers a better warranty term.

It is the lifetime warranty for the frame, motor, and deck of the Sole F80 treadmill. Both electronics and parts are under a five-year warranty. And a two-year term is for labor. Unlike the competitor, the NordicTrack only gives a ten-year term for the frame, a two-year term for parts, and a one-year term for the labor.

  • Comparison: Sole F80 wins

Final thought

The NordicTrack 1750 and Sole F80 review shows us that these treadmills do not come with too many differences. So, to choose the best product, we love to give the Sole treadmill bonus points. It owns nearly the same features as the NordicTrack treadmill does but at the lower price.

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