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The Epic Treadmill Line – Models T60 and T20

If you are looking for an affordable, quality treadmill for your home then you will want to look into an Epic Treadmill. The name says it all, an Epic treadmill can be a great treadmill for all kinds of people, but especially people who are on a tight budget.

While an Epic treadmill certainly does not skimp on quality, it does not have every new and fantastic feature out there, and this keeps it at such an affordable price. However, before you turn away from Epic Treadmills, you should know that an Epic treadmill still has tons of fun, and helpful features. This treadmill is actually an extremely good choice for the average user.

Epic treadmills have a variety of features that make it worth the time to consider. Two of the most common models of Epic treadmills are the Epic T60 and the Epic T20.

Best Home Treadmill – Epic T60 Treadmill
Epic T60 Treadmill

The Epic T60 Treadmill has numerous good qualities. The Epic T60 treadmill comes with twenty-six built in programs, and includes heart rate control. Six of the built in programs are even customizable, offering you even more control over your workout. The Epic T60 offers a generous running area of 20 inches wide and 60 inches in length. The features the T60 offer includes feedback of speed, distance, time, calories burned, elevation, and the afore mentioned heart rate. The Epic T60 is the less expensive of these two models of Epic treadmills. For anyone who is looking for a treadmill at an affordable price for normal usage, the Epic T60 Treadmill is the right one for you.

Best Home Treadmill – Epic T20 Treadmill

One of the best features that the Epic T20 treadmill has, is that it can keep track of your work out information. Not only can the treadmill keep track of the work out information for you, so you may review it at a later time, but it can do this and keep track of several people’s work out information. This is a wonderful feature if there are several people in the house using it!

Another thing that the Epic T20 Treadmill has is a low impact on your joints. With built in suspension in the belt, it makes your work out easier on your joints. This is especially good news for your knees, which are among the most common complaints of joint pain. This is a great feature for everyone, but especially for the people who have had joint problems in the past or get stiff, or aching joints from activities like walking, running, or jumping. This feature makes this model best home treadmill for frequent runners. The Epic T20 Treadmill is a great model that is still affordable!

Epic Treadmills – Is It The Best Home Treadmill For You?

There are advantages to looking at Epic Treadmills over other brands. First off Epic Treadmills are sold in many more places then some other specialized treadmills. You can most likely find an Epic Treadmill in a location near you, depending on where you are of course it may prove to be easier or more difficult. However Epic is a brand that can be found in discount fitness stores, leading to even greater savings, along with the overall affordable price of the treadmill itself.

While it may be true that they can be a little less sturdy then more expensive treadmill models, Epic treadmills are much more affordable and they have some awesome features. An Epic treadmill is not cheap quality, it is a fantastic quality for the price. Of course, if you are the type of person who has long workouts several times a day, everyday of the week, you may want to eventually upgrade to a more expensive treadmill.

The Epic T60 treadmill is great for the average user, and for people with lower budgets. The Epic T20 treadmill offers a little bit extra for frequent runners. Overall, Epic treadmills can provide you with a great quality treadmill that will serve your needs, and at a low price that you can afford.

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